Hindi Pakawada "Hindi Book Exhibition"on 19-09-2015 in the Library Hall.

Inauguration by principal by lighting the lamp followed by speeches, stories by staff and students.

Geological Society of India is conducting entrance test for International Earth Science Olympiad on Feb.15 the for classes IX,X,XI and XII. Those who are interested can give names to the Librarian by 9th Feb.2015. Details are displayed in Library Bulletin board.

Written quiz on personality development and listening and speaking test was conducted on 07-02-2015 for the classes IX & XI.

Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Book Exhibition by Scholastic on 28, 29 and 31st August 2015

Vidyalaya is conducting essay writing contest todayi.e.on 07-12-2015 soon after the assembly in the library hall. The topic is "Insured family is the secured family" conducted by Hindu in school with LIC of India.

Class 10th students are hereby informed that to prepare science and maths syllabus till July 31 and write test conducting by BASE on 6th sat. 2016 at 9AM

There will be a 2 days Book Exhibition by Kids2day international publishers i.e. 0n 21 and 22 April 2017.
All are welcome for the same.

Book Exhibition of Premchand books on 31st July 2017 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Premchand Hindi novelist.

Sanskrit book exhibition on 9th August on the occasion of Sanskrit week celebration

Freedom fighters book exhibition on 14th August on the occasion of Independence day.

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Links for papers for class X and XII: Class XII - 1 Class XII - 2 Class X :

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Book Donors

                                              Books donated by Lidiya Sweety of Class VIIB

                                                  Books donated  by Sudenshu of Class VA

Friday, April 28, 2017

Holiday Home Work for classes V to X

Class V-   2 Book Marks and 2 stories (1 in English and in Hindi)

Class VI-  2 Books Marks and 2 stories and 1 poem

Class VII- Designing of title pages and 2 book reviews in Hindi and English
                  ---------- Journey________

Class VIII- Designing of title pages and 2 book reviews in Hindi and English

Class IX--   Scrap Books on relevant topics like IPL, Science and technology, quiz etc.and
                    book reviews in Hindi and English and Sanskrit too.

Class X---2 Book reviews in Hindi and English and Sanskrit too.

50 Reasons to Read Books


1. Books help to feel more confident.
2. Books help to travel around the world in the cheapest way.
3. Books develop your personality.
4. Books provide food for thought.
5. Books make you laugh and think.
6. Books draw you towards perfection.
7. Books stimulate creativity.
8. Books bring out writing talent.
9. Books help in communicating.
10. Books clear your vision.
11. Books satisfy your curiosity.
12. Books help you make more choices.
13. Books help you build literary talent.
14. Books do not require any special device to teach.
15. Books increase your attention span.
16. Books are fruitful pastime.
17. Books can be used anytime, anywhere.
18. Books provide entertainment, when others fail.
19. Books make you powerful.
20. Books help you know the 'Whys' and 'Hows' of everything.
21. Books help you to create and spread fun.
22. Books help you travel across time intelligently.
23. Books keep you updated with facts and figures.
24. Books spread love, affection and knowledge.
25. Books make the best of friends.
26. Books take you to intellectual environment.
27. Books help you feel the world around you.
28. Books entertain your mind.
29. Books broaden your horizon.
30. Books bring Nature to your doorstep.
31. Books bring about a 'personality change'.
32. Books increase comprehension.
33. Books do not require company.
34. Books are stress-busters.
35. Books develop a sense of belonging to people around you.
36. Books provide mental and physical relaxation.
37. Books act as a communication tool.
38. Books are intellectually satisfying activity.
39. Books provide spiritual experience.
40. Books provide emotional strength.
41. Books build your self-esteem.
42. Books help and encourage your imagination to soar.
43. Books make you smarter and wiser.
44. Books help you grow.
45. Books take you to a 'world of dreams'.
46. Books can change your life and vision.
47. Books help in achieving 'life goals'.
48. Books develop wonderful experience.
49. Books transform lives.
50. Books inspire, books motivate, books build nations